These patients have generously allowed us to share their photos with you.
We hope you enjoy this opportunity to see the many possibilities of plastic surgery.



Patient 1 This 41-year-old woman was frustrated by the lack of improvement she had experienced with diet and exercise. She wanted to learn more about body contouring and abdominoplasty. Dr. Nini felt that she was a better candidate for multi-zone liposuction as opposed to abdominoplasty, primarily because the quality of her skin was quite good. Power assisted liposuction was performed beginning first on her mid back treating folds below the bra strap. Next, the lower back and posterior hip rolls were treated which creates a beautiful contour onto the buttocks. Following this, the patient was repositioned so that the anterior abdomen could be treated. A total of 2,100 cc of fat was removed. She went from a size 10 to a 4/6. These are her photos 10 months later. Dr. Nini. (KTN)

Procedures performed: Liposuction of the trunk and lower extremities.


Patient 2 This patient (53-years-old) is very fit and lean, but is still interested in removing some of the excess fat in her lower abdomen. She is 5’10” and 153 lbs. Using power assisted liposuction, Dr. Wey was able to remove 200gms of fat from the lower abdomen, and we are thrilled with the improvement. (PDW)

Procedures performed: Liposuction.


Patient 3 This is a 29-year-old woman who has excess fat and bulkiness of the back of her hips and flanks (“love handles”). We can use liposuction to debulk and sculpt these areas and in this case, we were able to give her better definition and dramatically improve her contour. Our method uses a “power-assisted” technique which removes the fat more effectively and less traumatically when compared to other techniques. Dr. Wey. (PDW)

Procedures performed: Liposuction.


Patient 4 This is a 54 year old female who desired body contouring for her upper body. Dr Nini performed power assisted liposuction to the arms and abdomen. This gave her a more defined waist and removed the lower abdominal fullness she previously had. She also improved her arm definition and reduced the amount of volume on the back of her arms. Photos were taken at 6 months. (KTN)

Procedures performed: Liposuction of the arms and abdomen.


Patient 5 This patient is a 37-year-old woman who desired improvement in her upper and lower abdomen and upper hips. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and maintained a stable weight between 125 and 130 pounds. Dr. Nini performed power assisted liposuction on the lower abdomen removing 600 cc and on the posterior hip rolls removing 200 cc from either side. Her photographs taken 4 months postoperatively demonstrate the wonderful re-contouring of her lower abdomen, waist and the improved contour of her lower back. This really improves the fit of her jeans! Dr. Nini (KTN)

Procedures performed: Liposuction.


Patient 6 This patient is a 55 year old female who is interested in body contouring. She is 5’7 135lbs, and is at a stable weight. Using PAL equipment, a total of 1150ml of fat was removed from the hips, abdomen and axilla. Photos at 7 months. (KTN)


Patient 7 This is a 39 year-old, 161 lb female who is interested in improving her abdominal contour. After consultation, she decided to pursue a mini abdominoplasty with liposuction. A mini tummy tuck with 600cc of fat was performed. Photos at nine months. (KTN)


Patient 8 This is a 46 year-old, 140 lbs, 5’4 female who has had three pregnancies and is interested in abdominal contouring. She has a significant diastasis due to her three pregnancies.The procedures performed were an abdominoplasty with muscle plication, and liposuction of the hip rolls. (KTN)

Procedures performed: Abdominoplasty with Liposuction


Patient 9 This is a 35 year-old female who had an abdominoplasty with Dr. Ahuja. She had two children and had completed her family planning. She lost weight following her pregnancies, but felt she had excess skin that was bothersome to her. Abdominoplasty with muscle tightening was performed. She did have some excess skin at the end of her incisions which was corrected in the office postoperatively. Photos taken at 1 year. (NKA)

Procedures performed: Abdominoplasty


Patient 10 This is a 41 year-old female who wanted to enhance the size and shape of her breasts as well as thigh and abdominal contouring. She had liposuction of the inner thighs and abdomen as well as a sub glandular breast augmentation with smooth round moderate plus profile silicone implants. She had a 225cc implant placed on the left and a 250cc implant on the right which gave her better symmetry between the breast mounds. Photos were taken at 6 months. (KTN)


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