Dramatically change your shape with little recovery time

The removal of excess accumulations of fat from specific areas of the body is called liposculpture. The most commonly used technique is called tumescent liposuction, and it has steadily evolved over the past fifteen years. Tumescent means that the tissues have been prefilled with saline and dilute epinephrine to reduce bruising and facilitate fat removal. The cannulas, or tubes, we use are extremely small enabling us to precisely control and sculpt the tissues. Occasionally, we will incorporate ultrasound energy or the power-assisted technique for extended cases.

What are the benefits of liposuction for men?

The benefits of liposculpture for men are that we can dramatically change your body contour in just a few hours. Areas that previously have not responded well to dieting and exercise can be contoured with a short recovery period. Liposuction for men has become the most commonly requested procedure in America. 

We approach plastic surgery for men in a unique and different way. Most male patients prefer natural, conservative results that do not make them appear feminized or operated upon. Many male patients also express concerns regarding privacy. Rest assured that we provide a high level of anonymity and a fast-track recovery program for accelerated re-entry into their workplace.

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