Breast Reconstruction in New Jersey

Learn about breast reconstruction surgery, including after a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or radiation, recovery time, and before and after photos.

The development of new technologies in reconstructive surgery has encouraged the majority of women who undergo a mastectomy to choose breast reconstruction. The latest surgical techniques can create breasts that look and feel very much like the natural breast. Our doctors are highly experienced in performing breast reconstruction with both implants as well as your own tissue. During your consultation at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey, the doctor will discuss your concerns and determine the best course of action for your specific needs. Knowing the reconstructive options that are available with mastectomy gives our patients a reassuring positive outlook for the future.

Get more natural results with a shorter recovery time

Whatever your personal concerns may be, we offer breast cosmetic surgery procedures to improve your breast shape, size, and contour: Breast Implants, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Breast Asymmetry, and Breast Reconstruction.

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Common Breast Reconstruction Questions at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey

The recovery process from breast reconstruction is both a physical and emotional journey. The medical recovery time varies depending on the technique used. Flap reconstruction, which involves using your own tissue to reconstruct the breast, can take a bit longer to recover from than implants, because it requires surgery in two different areas of the body. Patients combining breast reconstruction with mastectomy surgery will have a somewhat more intense recovery period, but often are relieved that the number of separate procedures can be reduced. Typically there will be some discomfort immediately following the surgery, which is relieved with pain medication. Bruising and swelling reduces dramatically within the first 2 weeks of the reconstruction. Swelling will continue to decrease slowly over about three months.

Most patients feel comfortable returning to work about 1 to 2 weeks after the breast reconstruction surgery. You can walk around as soon as you feel comfortable doing so and perform light exercise after about 4 weeks. Strenuous exercise that involves any ‘bouncing’ of the chest, such as running, should be avoided for at least a full month after breast reconstruction. Always consult with your physician before starting an exercise program, as recovery times vary per patient. Sometimes we can use a course of physical therapy to accelerate the recovery period.

Breast reconstruction surgery is often performed at the same time as the mastectomy, but in certain cases can also be scheduled for a later date, depending on the individual situation. We like to customize every women’s treatment plan in order to optimize the end result.

With members of our surgical team rated as “Top Doctors” by multiple publications for their outstanding work, including New York Magazine and New Jersey Monthly Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey is a highly sought after resource for the breast reconstruction procedure. The plastic surgeons of PSANJ are recognized for their experience with breast reconstruction and thoroughly understand the compassion you deserve throughout this entire process. Renowned for having an artistic eye and an extreme attention to detail, PSANJ is a top destination for breast reconstruction. At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey, we understand how important the reconstructive process is to living a healthy and fulfilled life. Just imagine the possibilities…

Note: The selection of your surgical team is a crucial part of the breast reconstruction process. At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey, we encourage you to investigate your options: ask questions, see before-and-after breast reconstruction photos, and ask about advanced training and certifications.

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