Breast Asymmetry Specialists New Jersey

Developmental breast asymmetry is a natural condition affecting many women whereby uneven breast development leads to breasts of different sizes or shapes. Many patients have confided that their concerns about breast asymmetry often lead to feelings of diminished self-esteem, intimacy issues, and practical problems associated with poorly fitting clothes.

Although developmental breast asymmetry is usually noted in late adolescence, many women wait unnecessarily until early adulthood to seek medical attention. Fortunately, the development of new techniques borrowing from the field of breast reconstruction, enlargement and lifting, have enabled our surgeons to “perform miracles” for many patients. Creating breast symmetry and balance can restore a woman’s quality of life in immeasurable ways. Each patient’s condition is unique and requires a highly individualized treatment plan, and at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey we would be pleased to show you how we can help.

Whatever your personal concerns may be, we offer breast cosmetic surgery procedures to improve your breast shape, size, and contour:Breast Implants, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Breast Asymmetry, and Breast Reconstruction.

Contact PSANJ to schedule a private breast asymmetry consultation at either of our New Brunswick, New Jersey or Princeton, New Jersey locations. We look forward to seeing you at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey.