Thigh & Body Lift
New Jersey

Sculpt and Refine Your Silhouette with Thigh and Body Lift Procedures

With age, weight fluctuations, and life events such as pregnancies, many individuals experience sagging skin and persistent fat deposits, especially in the thigh and lower body region. A thigh and body lift in New Jersey offers the perfect solution, tightening sagging skin and redefining the contours of the body, restoring a more youthful and firm appearance.

While consistent exercise and a balanced diet can do wonders for overall health, they may not always address the skin laxity and stubborn fat deposits in certain areas. At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey, we pride ourselves on understanding the individual needs and desires of each patient and crafting a surgical plan that aligns seamlessly with their aesthetic vision.

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What Does the Thigh and Body Lift Procedure Entail?

Designed to address the unique requirements of each individual, the thigh and body lift procedure can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Incision: Incisions are tailored based on the specific areas being targeted. For a thigh lift, incisions can be made in the groin area, extending downwards and wrapping around the back of the thigh if necessary.
  • Skin Tightening and Fat Removal: After making the incision, excess skin is removed, and if needed, liposuction can be utilized to extract unwanted fat deposits, sculpting a more refined silhouette.
  • Closure: Once the desired contour is achieved, sutures are employed to close the incisions, ensuring the skin heals in its new, tightened position.
  • Recovery: Post-procedure, patients may be advised to wear compression garments to minimize swelling and support the body’s new contours. Detailed post-operative instructions are provided, aiding in a swift and optimal recovery.

Who is a Candidate for a Thigh and Body Lift in New Jersey?

Candidates ideally are individuals in robust health, devoid of any medical conditions that might impede recovery or heighten surgical risks. Commitment to a healthy lifestyle and realistic expectations about the outcomes are pivotal. Smoking can adversely affect the healing process, so suitable candidates are non-smokers or those willing to quit in the phases leading up to and post-surgery. The main indicators for this procedure are sagging skin and persistent fat pockets in the thigh and body region, especially for those who’ve undergone significant weight loss.

Commonly Asked Questions about Thigh and Body Lift

A thigh and body lift is a surgical procedure designed to tighten and smooth the skin of the thighs and body, resulting in a more contoured appearance.

While there will be scars from the incisions, they are strategically placed to be as discreet as possible. Over time, with proper care, these scars typically fade and become less noticeable.

Yes, it’s common to combine this procedure with other body contouring surgeries, depending on individual goals and the surgeon’s recommendations.

Recovery times vary, but most patients can resume daily activities within 2-3 weeks. It’s advisable to avoid strenuous activities for about 6 weeks post-surgery.

The results are long-lasting, especially if the patient maintains a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle. However, natural aging will continue, which may affect the tightness of the skin over time.


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