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Are you considering undergoing a brow lift in New Jersey?

A wrinkled forehead and sagging brows not only give the face an aged, worried look; they also affect the appearance of the upper eyelids by giving the eyes a tired look. The newer technique of endoscopic brow lift surgery utilizes small incisions to lift the forehead and brow line. Patients can quickly resume their normal lifestyle looking younger and more invigorated, often within one week. The endoscopic brow lift procedure is frequently performed in conjunction with a facelift or eyelid enhancement to add balance to facial rejuvenation.

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What does an endoscopic brow lift entail?

An endoscopic brow lift, also known as an endoscopic forehead lift, is a surgical procedure designed to elevate the brow and reduce creases and wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Unlike the traditional brow lift, the endoscopic technique is less invasive and involves smaller incisions. Here’s an overview of what the procedure entails:


Instead of one long incision across the top of the forehead (as in a traditional brow lift), the surgeon makes several small incisions behind the hairline. This approach results in minimal scarring.

Endoscope Use:

An endoscope (a thin tube with a camera on its end) is inserted through one of the incisions. This provides the surgeon with a clear view of the underlying muscles and tissues on a monitor.

Muscle and Tissue Adjustment:

Using special instruments inserted through the other incisions, the surgeon adjusts and repositions the muscles and tissues under the skin. This helps lift the brow, smooth out wrinkles, and provide a more youthful and refreshed appearance.


The incisions are closed with sutures or clips. Because the incisions are small and hidden in the hairline, scars are minimal and usually concealed.

Common Brow Lift Questions

After brow lift surgery, it may take 10 to 14 days for the initial wounds to heal. However, within 48-72 hours following the procedure, patients can shower and wash their hair; as long as they are careful to avoid any direct contact with the brow lift incisions. During this phase of brow lift recovery, patients are advised to keep their heads elevated to reduce swelling. You should also cease taking medications that can thin the blood and increase bruising. Cosmetics can be used to camouflage bruising if needed. Generally, bruising and swelling will subside around 2-4 weeks after the surgery and you should be ready to return to work and resume normal activity.

Generally, a traditional brow lift is better suited for individuals with deeper forehead furrows and pronounced frown lines, whereas a mini brow lift is usually reserved for patients with less extensive lines and sagging across the forehead.

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Top Brow Lift Surgeon in New Jersey

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